Dental Implant Procedures Explained

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Always note that a number of the dental implant procedures will not be as complex as they are made out to be. And yet, the respective tooth implant procedure lakeland residents may be referred for could turn out to be quite necessary. This could be the case should complications arise during the initial stages of the general dental implant procedure. One example is this. The jaw is not able to support the new implants.

When this happens, a zygomatic implant will be ruled out. But other alternatives will be suggested by the dentist or orthodontist. These could include bone augmentation, a sinus lift, a ridge expansion and even 3D imaging. In the case of the bone augmentation, bone in the jaw will be restored in the event that it is not able to support the new implants. Bone additives could also be used to fortify the bone.

The sinus lift entails adding bone below the sinus. This becomes necessary if bone has deteriorated as a result of missing upper back teeth. The ridge expansion becomes necessary if the patient’s jaw is not wide enough to support the new implants. The dentist or orthodontist will graft material that will be added to a space to be created alongside of the top of the jaw. All of the abovementioned procedures could work for the purposes of creating space for the implants.

With the 3D technique, the dentist or orthodontist is now able to view a 3D model of the patient’s jaw. This advanced review process allows the practitioner to accurately plan the best course of implant procedure in behalf of the patient. This could also be influenced by cost and recovery time pertaining to the patient’s financial status and overall state of health respectively.