How Do Mosquito Treatments Work?

Mosquitos are everywhere and they tend to cause more havoc than they return benefit.  As a result, there are more and more companies out there looking for ways to eliminate them.  These people will use a wide range of mosquito treatment monticello tactics to get results.

How does it work?

Basically, when we look at an effectiveness of a treatment, we need to take care of the symptom as well as the cause.  When it comes to mosquitoes the trick is to kill off all of the eggs that were laid as well as prevent the parents from reproducing by killing them off.

With some treatments they fail because they just kill off the parents and don’t attack the eggs.  In order to kill off the eggs the poison needs to have a larvicide in it that will do just that.  If not, the parents will die and the eggs will hatch causing the entire cycle to start again.


The chemicals have to have a double punch. They need to be toxic or poisonous to the mosquitoes and eggs but safe for humans.  In a lot of situations, the poisons will run off into our water supplies and into the ground.  From there we ingest them causing us to get sick.

We need to work with poisons that are water soluble.  What this means is that the chemicals will break down when they come in contact with water or after engaging with water for a specific period of time.  If this occurs then the chemicals will become inert and won’t cause us issues.

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When spraying for mosquitoes, companies will have a specific window of time that is best to spray.  Before hiring anyone, make sure that they will be able to spray within that window for maximum results.